New Braunfels Smoker Review

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New Braunfels Smoker

New Braunfels Smoker

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 New Braunfels Smoker 

It is getting close to that time of year where we set aside time for barbeque, hamburgers, and hot dogs and of course quality time with family. If you like to have family get togethers where you have great food and a great time you should consider getting a quality smoker so that you can fix the perfect food. You will have many options when choosing your smoker and can choose from many different brands and different heating elements like gas, charcoal, wood chips, and electric. The New Braunfels Smoker is a great smoker that will allow you to cook whatever you would like to cook. If you want to cook a whole ham in your New Braunfels Smoker you will have no trouble doing so. If you want to smoke a turkey or smoke hamburgers this smoker is for you.

 New Braunfels Smoker Review – What Is It?

 The New Braunfels Smoker is a quality smoker that is both high in quality and great in the way that it smokes your food to perfection. Round in shape looking much like an old barrel this unique smoker is big enough to cook just about whatever you want to in it. Best of all there are larger sizes to accommodate those who want to cook bigger things like a whole hog. The New Braunfels Smoker comes at a great buy and will make a great addition to all of your cooking needs.

 New Braunfels Smoker Review – What I Like

 The New Braunfels Smoker is a great smoker that has received many high reviews from many people that have purchased this particular outdoor cooking device. The positive reviewers stated that the smoker was large enough to cook several items on at once. While they had one food item in one section they were able to have another food item beside it with plenty of room to spare. Other reviewers loved how easy the smoker was to assemble. One reviewer stated that he had the smoker up and running within an hour of purchase. Another reviewer loved how easy the New Braunfels Smoker is to clean, simply wipe down with a cloth and it came clean right away.

 New Braunfels Smoker Review – What I Didn’t Like

 While the New Braunfels Smoker got mostly positive reviews there were a few negative things said by reviewers. One reviewer said that after the smoker was left sitting outside in bad weather it overturned and dented easily. Another reviewer stated that theirs rusted after being left outside in a snowstorm and that their warranty was not honored. Another reviewer said that some of their paint chipped off while another was not satisfied with the price and shipping time. A final reviewer stated that they did not like the company itself because of a problem with a previous model.

 New Braunfels Smoker Review – Overall Thoughts?

 Of course every product is going to have a few negative reviews but most people who purchased the New Braunfels Smoker did not have this issue. In fact with the positive reviews the smoker comes highly recommended and anyone who wants a smoker should consider this as their first choice.

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